School Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow concludes are free and easy summer break. It really is amazing how fast the summer has gone. We have not done a very good job transiting back to an early bed time, so tomorrow might be a little rough.

Ethan is excited that school is starting; Ben is not. I am pretty sure that difference in attitude is just age. School is no longer cool for Ben. Today, We dropped off our school supplies and meet our teachers. Ethan's teacher is Mrs. Helgeson. I have heard only positive comments from other parents. Ethan is just excited about having his friend Max in his class. They also have several class pets, including a bunny. Ben's teacher is Mrs. Vogeler, she has moved down from 5th grade. I don't really know much about her. The 4th grade teachers share teaching responsibilities, so I am really not concerned.

I took my camera today and snapped a few photos. I wanted to make sure that we were not to rushed tomorrow. Here are a few of the best ones. Nadia felt a little left out, so I included her in a few.

By the way, Ethan has had a rough week, well actually a rough Monday. He hit is nose on the side of the pool and scraped his nose. Then Monday evening, he and Ben crashed into each other on their scooters and knocked his remaining front tooth almost out. He looks pretty beat up!