Day #1 down ...

...only 179 to go. June 2 is scheduled to be the first day of Summer 2009, unless we have snow days to make up. That seems so far away, but it will come faster than we expect.

Both boys had a good day. Ethan is even more excited than he was yesterday! He had a fantastic day! He is in awe about how many things are in his classroom. He is excited about having his own desk, the tubs of books, and his friends. His was a little disappointed that Roxy the bunny had an eye infection and would not be joining the class until next week. Did you know that Roxy will eat your crayons and pencils if you leave them on the floor? ... Neither did I!

Ben did not have much say.... getting older really sucks!
He did say that his locker is between 2 girls that he barely knows.

Nadia and I spent most of the day running errands that I had put off.
Good day for all.