Oops missed one....

A little update on our garden.Our green beans were a complete loss. When we returned home from Ontario,they were looking fantastic. The plants were loaded with little beans about 1 inch long. I checked them several days later and they had been completely eaten off. We assume the thieves are the bunny family that lives under our shed! We had purchased new fence this year to keep the little critters out, unfortunately, they can chew through the plastic fencing. I found small holes in the fence in several places. DARN BUNNIES!

Our tomatoes are looking good. One is starting to ripen. I love fresh tomatoes, I can hardly wait.

We have been harvesting a steady supply of cucumbers. for about 2 weeks. We pick several everyday. They have been great for lunch. We found this one yesterday, way in the back. OOPS, it's a little big. I don't think it will taste every good. The kids can't wait to eat it.