Art Reception

The state fair hosted an artist reception for anyone who had art accepted into the art show.

Ben's age group was 9-13 year olds. He had some pretty stiff competition. Only 64% of the art works were accepted. Both the pieces that Ben entered were accepted! Yeah Ben! He entered his birthday at the rink drawing and his Grandpa wire sculpture. He was disappointed that he did not win a blue, red or white ribbon. I tried to explain that only 3 ribbons were given for the 95 entries. How do you explain probability to a 9 year old?

The competition was not so stiff in Ethan's age group. All works were accepted and they did not give out any ribbons.

The boys enjoyed seeing their art hanging in the gallery. I hope to get them more involved in the art classes at the Octagon art center. I see lots of talent that needs to be refined. That could just be a mother's opinion!