Easter celebrations

I have not really figured out exactly why I love to watch the kids hunt for Easter Eggs.   Maybe I just like to share in their anticipation and excited about what treasures lie within.  Nadia's school hosts an annual Easter Egg hunt and pancake breakfast.   Nadia really wanted to go and see all her friends.   They school had obviously host this hunt before because they were very well organized.  Each age group had it's own section to search with plenty of eggs, so everyone had plenty.   Nadia and Ethan participated, but Ben was to old.  It was really cold and windy, but the kids enjoyed the morning. 

Sunday, Easter dinner was at our house.  We had another Egg hunt for the little ones, while the big boys played Wiffle ball in the backyard.   

The 5 year old gang (Ab turns 5 in 2 months), preparing to hunt. 
Isn't she adorable?!  Lila found an egg and was more interested in eating the jelly beans than looking for more eggs. 
Great Grandma enjoyed watching the kids play. 
Nadia on the hunt.