Celebrating 5

Guess who's 5!  yep, my baby girl turned 5 this week.
Here's a few things about Nadia at 5:
1.  She loves to create.  She is often coloring pictures and giving them us.  She address each picture to someone, usually Mom or Dad and then signs her name. 

2.  She is very social and loves to make new friends.  Her preschool teacher had to separate her from the group the other day,  NOT because she was misbehaving, but because the other kids were fighting over sitting beside her. She tells me about a new friend almost everyday. 

3.  She love clothes and will often change several times a day.  I know,  we are in big trouble when she reaches the tween years. 

4.  She enjoys playing outside, especially riding her bike. 

5.  She is very loving.  She is always full of hugs and kisses. 


  • Mary Perry | April 23, 2011 at 10:30 PM

    OMG, she is looking so grown up. I am not at all surprised that everyone wants to be her friend. She has always had such a sweet personality. Our Mhikealy was the same way, and still is. She is just so beautiful.