Ice, Ice Baby.....

Today we were supposed to head north for 2 hockey games, instead everything was canceled due to a nice layer of ice. Most parking lots resemble a skating. Ben was very disappointed, but we filled our day with Friends, Family and Food. We went out for lunch with our small group. Hickory Park is always good for a good meal. Rosalie headed (South) to Des Moines for a shopping trip with her Mom and sisters. Spending money was provided by Dad, with one stipulation, we had to spend it on ourselves. That is more difficult than you think.... I bought a Fleece for $5 at JC Penny and asked Dad for permission to save the rest to pay for a new Scrapbook which I had order last week. My request was granted. Thanks Dad! For dinner we invited our friends Brian and Amy over for Pizza. They are a great couple. The kids love them and they love the kids. We had a very nice Sunday.

By the way.... We just found out that school has been delayed for 2 hours. It must be the ice on the parking lots. That's good for us, since we have not be getting up until 8:30 am during break. We have a little more time tomorrow morning.