Oh What a Night!

Ames hosted a Family event called, "Oh What a night". For a fee, we had access to several events around town. We started with some art creations and a magic show. Ben was chosen to be the magician's assistant. He had a great time. Next, We headed to the indoor football practice facility for the huge blow up bouncers. You know the ones... the kids get in and jump to their hearts content. Only one problem..... Ben fell and hit his eye. We spent the rest of the afternoon in the ER for 5 stitches to the top of his left eye. (I would show you a photo, but he asked that I protect his privacy. I think he is a little embarrassed.) If you are counting.... This makes 3 sets of stitches for Ben in 2 years. We settled down at home for the rest of the night and watched movies. Oh What a Night!