A Warm-up!

We have a few days of reprieve from the snow and cold. Today was a balmy 25 degrees F (-4 C). Sunday is predicted to reach a high of 37 degrees (3 C)! This winter we have had 18.5 inches of snow, the average is 12.5 inches; and we have had 14 of the 22 days below average temperatures. Unfortunately, the snow and ice is scheduled to return Monday or Tuesday.

Tomorrow we head to Waterloo (about a 2 hour drive) for Ethan's Hockey. Hockey is almost over, and I think everyone is looking forward to a little break. Well, except Ben, he is always excited to play. He has 1 more tournament the second week of March, and then on to soccer.

I will leave you with a "snowy" scrapbook page.
Nadia loves the snow, she loves to wear her mittens and play with her little shovel.


  • Tricia | February 23, 2008 at 8:47 AM

    You are a great scrapbooker, I love the pages isn't fun to have to have a little gil so you can do all these great girly things and get them into it too? Hockey I am told is like a religion, so I can see where a little break will be nice. Greg has begged to play but James will never allow it. We play soccer and this year Greg is starting football. Good luck with the final games