Medals Awarded!

We are back home and recovering from to little sleep. Everyone is a little cranky, including me!

We had a great day on Sunday! Ben won his last game and placed 3rd in the tournament. He played defense, and was a little disappointed that he did not have a chance to score. He really does not enjoy defense, but its important to try every position and contribute to the team. The kids were so proud of their Bronze medals!

Ethan also played on Sunday. It was pretty obvious that he was tired. At Ethan's level, they do not keep score, therefore everyone receives a medal. Another proud moment.

Even Dad earned a medal for helping coach Ethan's team.

By the way... The rumor is that one boy was asked to apologize to our team for calling us losers. Thanks goodness! Someone is teaching respect.

Time to get back into our normal routine, and finish up the 7 loads of laundry.