Iowa Games - Opening Fireworks

We finally arrived in Dubuque Friday evening. after Freezing rain and 2 bathroom stops, just in time for the Opening Ceremonies to the Iowa Winter Games. Ben, Ethan and Andrew walked across the ice and waved when the Ames Flyers were announced. The highlight of the evening was fireworks in the arena. I heard there would be fireworks, but I really wondered how well that would go because it was sooo cold outside. It was pretty impressive for an indoor display.

4 Hockey games today. 2 for each of the boys. Ames has a smaller club than most of the other cities. The bigger teams are much better than we are. Ben still loves it and never complains about losing. We will hope for a little better showing tomorrow.

I heard that several kids from the other teams called us losers. That really hurts my feelings, I really hate that kids can be so cruel. I hope that we have taught our kids that comments like that can really hurt and are completely unacceptable.