Highlights of 2007

The Boys are back at school today. They were not ready to go back. We had a nice vacation, filled with hockey and a couple trips to the sledding hill. Nadia and I are having a nice quiet morning, she is watching Seasame Street. She loves Elmo, Cook-Cook Elmo (Cookie Monster) Bert, Ernie, Grover and Bird (Big Bird)

The last couple days we have been talking about our favorite memories of 2007.

Our summer trip to South Dakota
Climbing on the rocks in the Badlands
Our campsites
Sleeping in our tent
The Water Park in Souix Falls

I was chosen to sit on 2 creative teams for scrapbooking, a very exciting honor.
I entered 2 scrapbook pages into the state fair competition and won a Blue and a Red Ribbon. Not bad for my first time!

Ben scored a Hat Trick (For you non-hockey people, that's 3 goals in one game) in Waterloo. He has a total of 6 goals this season.
The other thing he mentioned was his Gameboy for Christmas. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa.

Started Kindergarten and loves it!
He lost his 2 bottom teeth, the tooth fairy delivered $1 each time
Ethan is reading, he sounds out the words and corrects himself when the words do not follow the phonics rules.

Nadia's life was full of highlights in 2007:
She learned to walk, but that seems like ages ago
The biggest chance is her explosion of words:
She calls her brothers "guys" or "bim" and "E"
She will raise her voice at you if she thinks that you are not paying enough attention to her.

She loves the snow and wants to go outside with her brothers, but did not like sledding. To much snow in her face, I guess.

We upgraded our Van this November. We bought a 2006 Kia Sedona. Our favorite part of our new van is the power doors!

We were healthy, happy and truly blessed in 2007. I hope and pray for a fabulous 2008.