I {heart} Elmo

I finally sat down with Nadia, my camera and Elmo(s). She has had an obsession with Elmo for several months. It started with the Sesame Street Characters on her diapers, it progressed to watching Elmo on TV a couple times and week. She knows all the Characters by name including; Bert, Ernie, Grouch, "ista" (Rosita) Zoe, "Bird" (Big Bird) and Coo-Coo monster (cookie monster). She called him Coo-Coo Elmo for several weeks before she figured out that he was a monster, not an Elmo. We have a mini stuffed Elmo and a tickle me Elmo that was Ben's. We have several Elmo books and she loves to page through them and name all the characters. Yesterday we bought an Elmo Potty movie, See yesterday's post for explanation on that one. If I switch to diapers with out Elmo, maybe she would not be so exited about her diaper. Hummm. that's not a bad idea.

This Weekend, we are heading to Dubuque for the Iowa Winter Games. Both Ben and Ethan are playing. It should be a really fun weekend. I will try to post a few photos and some statistics from the Hotel room. Have a great weekend.