Something that I have discovered about myself over the last few years, it that I love to learn.  I especially love to learn in a classroom setting with other around me.   But taking classes is not very cost effective and does not often fit into my schedule,  Maybe that's why I enjoy teaching......  .

I have discovered that taking online classes can give me the same pleasure as sitting in a classroom and it's more convenient.  In fact,  I can listen to the lesson while cooking dinner.  So needless to say,  I am some what addicted to taking online scrapbook classes.  I love the message boards to connect with other classmates,  to see and hear their perspectives is always inspiring.   I love the daily messages to inspire me along in my creative journey.   They are always full of ideas for pages, journaling and of course the photos.  I don't have time everyday to head downstairs and create scrapbook pages, but I do have time to spend at the computer.   Funny eh?   I find these classes help me to think about what my next project might be what little things I can do to make my craft time more productive.  I often write several ideas on scraps of paper and let them brew around in my brain for several days.   I would like to say that my words are more meaningfully and my pages are better.

I especially love the classes that give you a layout, & then take you step by step through the layout, so you learn the process.    So great to learn and have a completed page at the end of the process.   So today,  I thought I would share a few of my favorite classes sites.  I would love to hear from you.   Where do you go to learn new things?  

This is the first class that I have taken from Shimelle.  I am really enjoying it so far.   I think I will check out her other classes when I am finished here.  

I love, love love Jessica's Classes.   I think that I have taken almost everyone that she offers.  They are all fantastic.  She has a great way of taking a complex task and breaking it down.    I highly recommend her classes if you are thinking about learning more about digital scrapbooking.   
My first Ali Edwards class.  I have always love Ali's simple style.  This class has really taught me to focus on my stories and photos.  She encourages the students not to get to hung up on making the pages perfect.   It's a great reminder that every page does not have to be award winning.
Two peas offers some great classes and many of them are Free

Big Picture Classes