A day at the Farm

Spring Break is a great time to leave the city and head to the farm.  The kids and I traveled the 1 1/2 hours down to the farm.  We spent Thursday and Friday with Grandpa and Grandma.

I spent most of the time sorting through old photos.   I found this task very enjoyable and it sparked some memories for me to use in my Yesterday and Today class.  My mom and I also found about 800 slides.   Yeah 800!   We decided to have the local store scan those to a CD so we could have digital copies.   I am excited to see what treasures await in those 800 photos. 

The kids were thrilled to have their cousins join them.  My sister also had 2 boys and then a girl, so the kids are perfect playmates for each other. 

The boys were outside all day.   Thankfully they were hungry and needed to eat, otherwise, I don't think we would have seen them all day.   They jumped the big round hay bales, and "helped" Jason with his cows.   I can't say they were much help, but they go to see several brand new calves and watched the dogs round up the rodeo bulls for the rodeo tomorrow.   The dogs are about the only ones that can round up those bulls.  They actually frighten me a little.

 Uncle Jason also has a new puppy.  He was really cute following the boys around the yard.  His name is Stetson. 

The little girls wondered in and out of the house pretty regularly.   They got to play with the newly weaned  pigs before they were moved.  Nadia jumped right in and showed no fear, until they wiggled and squealed to get down.  

They also had some time to play games with Great Grandma.  They played the memory matching game.  Great Grandma was at a distinct disadvantage.   The conversation  actually went something like this:

Great Grandma:  " Wow  looked at you girls.  You have such smart little brains."
Nadia:  "Yeah, Great grandma,  What happened to your brain?"
I was about to correct Nadia for being so rude to Great Grandma, but Grandma responded quickly with, " I don't know, I must have left it at Maple Ridge"   Maple Ridge is her commmunity living home.  We laughed so hard and the girls agreed that Great Grandma must have left her brain at home.   The final results of memory were:  Nadia 19, Anna 13 and Great Grandma 2.  

We were exhausted after spending 2 days and this photo basically summarizes our time:  Out for the whole trip home. 


  • Judy | March 21, 2011 at 8:34 AM

    What great memories you are creating for your kids. Time with Grandparents is always great. Thanks for sharing the stories and the pictures.