Journal of our Journey - Part 5

I am glad you are still reading along with me.

Day 6 - Canada Day.   We spent a relaxing morning and early afternoon around the campsite. 

Baseball Team Mates

Family Photo

The younger Tulps - minus Oma and Opa - headed back to Ottawa to take in the Canada Day Celebrations.   It seemed as if people had materialized over night.  The streets were so crowded we could hardly walk.   At Ethan's request, we headed to the Museum of Civilization for the horse exhibit.  Ethan enjoyed every single display in this exhibit.  He spent time reading and studying every plaque.  I was impressed, most of us, including the adults were finished long before he was.   We decided to forgo the rest of the museum due to the crowds.
Ethan's favorite   

Next up on the agenda was finding some dinner, which proved to be a little tricky with the people everywhere.    We were blessed to find a small pizza place, with a chairs to sit and rest our feet and feed our stomachs.

Pizza Dinner
  After dinner we ventured back across the river to secure a grassy spot for the fireworks show.  We watched the rest of the evening's concert on the big screen, including BareNaked Ladies.
Ben and the Bass player

Uncle Rick and Eric wait for the Fireworks
Nadia dancing to the music

The fireworks were some of the best we had ever seen.  It was a nice way to end the day.