Journal of our Journey - Part 4

Day 5- We had a nice breakfast and headed into the city for a day of site-seeing. For the first part of the day we wondered around the city enjoying the sites.  Canada Day preparations were underway, which was a bonus for us, since we were nice and close to Bare Naked Ladies as they warmed-up.   We sang: "If I had a million dollars..."   If you have never heard this fun song from this Canadian Band, I suggest you take a quick listen.   You can find many versions on YouTube, here's just one:  If I Had $1,000,000 - Barenaked Ladies   Ben suggested they should be called:  Fully Dressed Men, but actually be Bare naked.....   If don't think so....

Barenaked Ladies warm-up

Here's the rest of Day 5 in photos
The Tulp kids on Parliament Hill 
Lunch in Byward market at an Irish Pub
The Americans in front of the US Embassy

The Tulp Clan poses for a photo. 

We headed back to camp and were warmly greeted by Andrew's Brother and his 2 boys.