Journal of our Journey - Part 3

Day 4-  We woke up to more rain showers and lazied around in the tent until the showers subsided.  Our campsite was along the St.  Lawarence.  It was a beautiful spot.  The kids climbed the rocks and played by the water while we cooked some breakfast.  Thank goodness for the Maid of the Mist Parkas.  They came in very handy when the rain started again.   As Nadia and the boys were playing among the rocks, a bee became trapped in Nadia's hair.  It finally stung her right on the nose.  Her nose swelled immediately, and continued to swell all day.  (Thankfully, she did not inherit her grandfather's bee allergy).  The final destination for today was Qatineau Park in Quebec.    We crossed the border for the3rd time on this trip at Ogdensburg, NY.  Coincidentally, (Andrew would say Providentially) Andrew's parents arrived just minutes after we did.  That was really nice to find our spot together and help them get their trailer set up. 

We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon and evening at the camp.  The kids best memory from this day was the bold raccoon who stole our Marshmallows for Smore's.  The raccoons were very comfortable around the campsite and their very large size was proof of that.   They arrived shortly after we started cooking dinner.  They would come as close as 4-6 feet away and just watch us.  During campfire time, I set the Smore supplies between Andrew and my chair.  With great stealth,  a raccoon crept under my chair and grabbed the bag of marshmallows.  One of the kids yelled that he was there, but all  I saw was the marshmallow trail into the trees.  The only consolation was that he had the bag upside down and lost most of his treasure in his escape.  

Nadia snuggles with Oma


Day - 5   This was our day to tour the Capital city.    More tomorrow