Project Life 2013 Week 1

Here's to a new year and a new attempt to make it through all of 2013 with photos from every week.   I really love looking back and seeing what has changed and what has stayed the same.    So,   here's week 1 in photos.    

Who knew there was a physical version of the digital game of Angry Birds.    The kids love it!
 Thursday was the first day back to school.   I should have recorded how cold it was, but it was cold after being in Central America for most of December.   
 I have decided to try Ignite Yoga.     I am enjoying it so far.    But it's HOT!! 
 Hockey is in full swing.    Ben has games every weekend from now until the second week in March.  
 I started back to work on Monday the 7th.   At least I have a lighter teaching load this semester.  
 Ethan's Birthday in on Friday, so I took him to Cold Stone.    We had a birthday coupon that we could not let expire.   
 The temperatures have warmed and the snow is very packable.   The kids spent about 2 hours outside after school on Tuesday.