Back to regularly scheduled programming.     Here's the first Friday Funny of the new year. 
I actually hate resolutions,  they seem to set me up for failure.    So no resolutions for me, but here's a few things that I would like to do better this year.

-Eat better and Exercise more - went to my first yoga class today.
-Be faithful with reading the bible - Our pastor challenged us to read at least 10 mins.  everyday.
     How hard can 10 minutes be?

-Continue to document our everyday life through photos,  you will see a photo album on the sidebar of the blog.     I am using instragram and my tablet.    I don't expect high quality photos from my tablet, but they will be great for documenting life as it happens.

- Save more and Spend less   

-  Stress less often, enjoy life everyday.   - I hope the Yoga will help with this one.    

That's all for now.    Here's to a happy and successful new Year.    I wish all my readers a blessed 2013.