What have we been up to?

Wow,  Time flies when you are having fun, or when life is so busy.   Both scenarios are true for us right now. 
October signals the start of  Hockey, but soccer does not finish up until the end of October, so we are double duty right now.   We are not attempting to get to every practice for both sports, whatever we can get to is the best we can do.  

Here's a few photos to summarize that last couple of weeks:
    As I mentioned before the kids have been busy playing soccer.   Nadia is also playing this fall,   unfortunately,   I have only watched 1 of her games, since I am already running others around the city.   Hopefully I can get a photo this week.
  The boy are still actively play instruments at school.   Ethan took up the Baritone this year.    Why do we have to chose the largest instruments?   Our Den is cluttered with a piano, a string bass, a cello, a baritone, a bass guitar and a trumpet that we borrowed for Ethan before he chose the baritone.    Oh Boy!
 Nadia went to another birthday party with the famous face painting.   She loves it!  It makes her feel so fancy.  
 The boys spent the weekend playing their new game.    It's a custom built Hockey table.    A special gift from Grandma and Grandpa, (Hey Grandma, The bill is on the way).   Even Nadia got in on the action, but burst into tears when she and Daddy lost to B and E.  
 Several weeks ago, Zeke went missing for over 24 hours.   If he sneaks out during the day, he is waiting by the back door when we go to bed.   This evening,  he was not there.    He had not returned the next morning and the rest of the day.   On the second evening,  he was patiently waiting.    We had lots of tears, especially from the ISU fan pictured above.    Where did he go?    I wish he could tell us.  
 I ordered some new glasses.  Do you like them?   The best part is that I ordered them online from Zenni.   They were having a buy one get one free sale.    I ordered a new pair of sunglasses as well.   I really like the glasses.   For those who know me,   I really love the price!