Sixteen years.

Andrew and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary this weekend.  We didn't really plan ahead, as usual, but Andrew brought some flowers home after work (1/2 price! Thanks Groupon!), and we decided to leave the kids at home and head out for dinner.  Little did we know it was parents day at ISU and every restaurant on Duff and beyond was packed full of college families having some quality family time, and leaving us with a 1/2 hr or more wait (we grew a little annoyed...).  We started out trying Hickory Park, as we hadn't been there in a while, and who doesn't love their chocolate peanut butter shakes...and we ended up at Okoboji after trying several other places in between. Our last stop, before we bailed on the idea, was going to be Cafe Northwest, but 'Boji had a 15  minute wait. So we finally managed to find some food, and enjoy some time together.

We often find our anniversary a little difficult to celebrate in the midst of all our life's craziness, but I'm glad we took a few hours and did something together...after 16 years, we keep saying we'll take a "real vacation away together someday"...maybe we'll actually do that someday.