On Saturday,  the kids and I headed down to the farm, to enjoy a day of harvest.   We have made it a bit of an annual tradition.   They were working on beans; Jason was driving the combine and Grandpa was shuttling the beans to the storage bins.    Here a few photos to summarize our day. 

Ethan and Elijah stroll the field while waiting their turn in the combine.
 Uncle Jay is the combine / chauffeur / driver. 
 After Uncle Jay fills the combine, he unloads to the grain cart, which unloads to the semi, which is sent to the farm to be unloaded in the storage bins. 

 Grandpa's jacket matches his semi-truck as he watches the beans unload.

  The kids love to play in the grain.  It's almost like the sand at the beach but better.   Unfortunately,  the grain cart fills the semi to full for safe play.   I was really worried they were going to fall off the edge.  I remember spending hours playing in the wagons that were 1/2 full.   That's was before the big combine and grain cart. 

Grandma and Aunt Sarah "shoot the breeze"  while waiting to help move equipment to the other fields. 


  • Sarah Vos | October 18, 2011 at 10:57 AM

    Hey rose,
    love all the pics. Don't know about the one of bonnie and me. lol. it was good to see you and the kids. too bad you couldn't come to see the horses and get your pony ride.