School Days

We are about 1/2 through our first week of Back to School.   All 3 are in school this year.  Which is quite a change for me.   The House has been quiet.  I hope that means I can get more things accomplished during the day.    That is yet to be seen, I tend to get a little distracted by shiny websites and glittery scrapbook pages.  

B is in 7th grade and once again has a pretty full schedule.  He is still playing the Bass for Orchestra, and Percussion for Band.  He is also trying out for Jazz band where he hopes to play his bass or borrow the bass guitar from church. 

He likes his teachers and has had a fairly light homework load.   So far is biggest complaint is that school is dumb.   What else could a 12 year old boy say.  

He still takes the bus, which makes it super easy for me. 

E is now in 4th grade.   It's really had to believe that he has only 2 more years of elementary school.    He really likes his teacher and I have heard great things about her from other people.  

He is still reading, reading, reading.  Often instead of completing his other chores, but I guess it could be worse. 

He is disappointed that he will be walking to school this year instead of taking his bike.  But he now has to walk his little sister to and from school.  I suspect that will be his biggest challenge this year.  

N is in Kindergarten!  I can't describe to you how excited she was for her first day.  The kindergarten has 2 days of meet the teacher before they come for the whole day.   She did not need the time to transition.   I wonder if the school district should consider a easy entry for the 7th graders.   They seem to need more adjustment time!  

She loves her new teacher and is making new friends. She is currently working on tying her shoes.  She almost has it figured out.

I hope and pray that they all will have a great year.

By the way,  I start teaching on Friday.   I will have a heavy load with 12 credit hours.  High school football is in full swing.        So life is already busy.