Preschool Girl!

It's hard to believe, but Nadia started Preschool today.  She was a little apprehensive at home before we left for school, but she did not even look back when we arrived.  She was full of smiles when I picked her up.  She is attending Tree Top Preschool, which is the same preschool  that Ethan went to.  She also has the same teachers and Ethan assured her they were really nice teachers.  I agree with Ethan,  they are really loving teachers.   Today they learned how to get dressed for winter, she showed me how to zip her coat.  Now everyone should be ready to go without my help.   YEAH!  She mentioned that she played with some new friends, but she doesn't know their names.  She sang songs, and played at the sand table.  I think she had a great day, and will be excited to go back on Friday.