New school year

The new school year started today. We were ready for a schedule, but not ready to see summer end. We had a good, but really busy summer. Our only "vacation" was our trip to Winnipeg. We do hope to camp this weekend, if it doesn't rain. I personally, am not ready for the craziness of my fall schedule to begin.

The first day of school seemed to go very well. The boys really like their new teachers and I am confident that they will both have a good year.

The bus system has not given me very much confidence. They will be taking a bus this year, because of our house move. We are still awaiting the details of our bus schedule. In fact, they were not on a bus list until about 2pm today. I have left several messages for the bus company. When I do speak with someone, the answer I get is: "We are still working on that, we will call you back."