Summer review

It is hard to believe that August marks the end of summer.    The boys want to believe that summer is not coming to an end.   They would like to believe that they have weeks and weeks left.    Unfortunately,  they are living in a dream world, while school doesn't start until August 22, they have several school meetings, marching Band for Ben and the like starting next week.   So here's what else we have been doing this summer.
Our Garden has been doing very well.    We ate several meals from our green beans and our tomatoes are ripening nicely.We had lots of rain early this summer, but the last several weeks have been almost drought like.   Andrew has been diligently watering.   

 The boys each had a week of camp.   Both returned home very tired, but enjoyed their week.

Both boys also participated in the Iowa Games.   Ethan played soccer with a group of kids from school and they both threw in the disc golf competition.   Ethan earned 3rd in both events.   Ben did not fair as well and refused a photo.  

Nadia has been busy riding her bike and scooter.   We have new neighbors with a 2nd grade girl, so she has made a new friends and plays in the park with her almost every day.   She has also taken a couple more art classes.   Here's her newest piece. 

Andrew has been busy painting the house.   I have only been able to help a couple times because of my teaching weekends.    I am not so sure about the green front door.    But I have been told that it is staying.
I hope you are having a great summer.