March 2013

March 2013 has come and gone.   This March brought lots of unpleasant weather and was about 20 degrees cooler than normal.   It's hard to compare, since last March was about 20 degrees warmer than usual.    

We had several days of snow and we truly felt like it was still January and maybe even January in Winnipeg. Ok, that is a small exaggeration, but they were wintery days none the less. 
Lots of snow makes for great driveway hockey.  It's not unusual to find at least 4-6 kids in our driveway with hockey sticks.  
The city piled the snow in the middle of the circle for a few days.   What a great place to climb and slide down.   It was a sad day when the city moved our pile. 
Of course Andrew's birthday is in March.  We did not really do anything special.  Just a cheesecake to celebrate. 
 We spent a couple days reorganizing and painting Ethan's room.     He chose a pretty blue color, so we decided that one wall might be enough.  After it was painted, we hung his hockey medals and organized his shelves.    He now uses his desk for homework, instead of piles of stuff.  
And finally,  just a cute picture of Nadia with Andrew.