What have you been up to?

Well,   January and February are the high points of Hockey season.      We have been busy every weekend since the first week of January.    Ben team has been especially busy, with Games on both Saturday and Sunday.    They have been really successful the past several weekends.   They took 2nd place in their Mid-West league tournament, losing to Lincoln, NE by 1 goal.      Ben has had several goals over the last couple of weeks and seems to be having a great time with his team.


He has always had a few moment between his own games to officate a few other games.    He makes really good money for a 13 year old
 Ethan's team has not been as successful, but he seems to be having fun.  

Our last weekend is March 3 and we approach the end of hockey with mixed emotions.    We are thankful to have made it through another season, but sad to see it end.     Strange isn't it?