Halloween photos

It is really hard to believe that October is over and we are heading into November.     Here's how we spent the last few hours of October.  

I had to teach my night class, but I did not have to leave until after the photos were taken.    Andrew supervised the begging for candy.   The kids came home with more candy than ever.    Is that even possible, and since no one was home,  we did not give out the candy that I had bought.   This house has never seen so much candy.     Ethan weighed his bag it's about 3  lbs.     A dentist in Des Moines is offering kids $1 for every pound they donate to be sent over seas to the American Troops.  Interesting idea.   Here's the photos...

The beautiful butterfly.  She loves everything girly. 
 Ethan wasn't sure what he wanted to dress up as, but he decided that he was a black hole.   

 Ben designed his own custom.    You need to have a little video game knowledge for this one.   He was a creeper from Minecraft.     Andrew said the kids in the neighborhood knew exactly who he was, but the older people in the neighborhood thought he looked really good as a green box.