Obama's visit

President Obama is spending a few days campaigning in Iowa.    When Ben heard on TV that Obama was going to be in Boone, he asked, " can we go see the president?"

So Saturday afternoon,  we waited for about 1 1/2 hours for tickets to Monday's event.  

On Monday, we waited another 1 1/2 hour for the shuttle to take us to the park.    Once we arrived in the park, we waited to pass through security and then we waited about another hour for The President to arrive.

We were unfortunate enough to be placed right behind the Media, which means they stood right in front of us with their camera.    Although is was a little frustrating, we did catch a few glimpses of the President.
Lucky for me,  I am on the front page of the paper.    Here's the link to the newspaper article:  obama-visits-boone-seeking-iowans     Can  you find me in the photo?
Unfortunately,  Ben has moved around in the crowd to get a better look and he missed the photo opportunity. 
 Ben was able to catch a photo here's his best shot

I was sort of nervous about shooting this photo of the Secret Service Security.   They had a really big Gun.

  As we walked back to our car, Ben declared that it was a day well spent.  It might be the only time he sees the President in person,  if only just a glimpse.