Christmas JOY

We had a wonderful Christmas day.   Just the 5 of us relaxing at home.  We spent all day eating treats, opening presents & enjoying each other.    Here's a few of my favorite photos of the day.   

Our family tradition is a family photo shoot in front of the Christmas tree before we open presents.   The kids always complain, but I remind them that this is one of  Mommy's presents.  Since they have about triple the # of presents under the tree, it's only fair that I get a little gift of a family photo.   

I love the photos this year.  It's the best gift for me.   

Our other family tradition is that everyone has to sit in front of the tree to open their gifts.   We take turns, usually youngest to oldest.     Of course this is also for my photo taking, but it really helps us to slow down and enjoy each others presents. 

 I made fleece blanket for all three kids this year.   I purchased the fleece back in May already when we were in Canada.   Canada has far more selection of hockey fleece than down here in Iowa.   Of course, I did not have the blankets completed until the day before Christmas.   But they were done and the kids really seem to like them.   

 I hope you had a very blessed Christmas as well.