Our Halloween

 We had an absolutely beautiful night to Trick-or-Treat, and what a great night we had.    Ben headed off with our neighbor to collect candy.  He was sure we would slow them down.    Ethan, Nadia and I were joined by T Weber and had a great time.    Not to worry, our slow pace DID NOT hinder our candy gathering.   We ended the night with our bags full.   

Here's a few shots of our costumes. 

Nadia was a witch.  She was asked several time if she was good or bad.   She could not decided and really did not understand what people were asking her.   When she figured it out, she decided to be a good witch.  The boys thought she should take Zeke out with her, since he is a black cat.    

Ben announced that this was Zeke's holiday, since it's a holiday for black cats.   

Ethan dressed as a Star Wars Clone.    I am going to have to ask which one.   I can't remember.     That's perfect for him, since we is really into Star Wars right now.   He loves the books, but especially the Lego.

Ben was a Ninja,  what boy doesn't love to slink around with their face covered and carrying a sword.