Christmas is in the air - Literally!

Cold Air and Blizzard like conditions have arrived in Iowa.   Our first snowfall for the winter arrived during the night on Saturday.  The snowfall totals were low, only about and 2-4 inches, but the winds were almost unbearable.   Our temperature today was 13 F/ -10 C ;   wind chills feeling about -20 F / -29 C.  Wednesday and Thursday we had balmy temperatures of above 40 F / 4 C.  It was a really a drastic change.   The blowing snow caused many road closures, which lead to canceling of Ben's hockey games.   He was so disappointed, but he played Scrabble with Great-great Grandpa.   He actually beat me, which is somewhat embarrassing.  I don't really have the patience for the game. 

We spent the weekend in Oskaloosa.   Rachel and Sienna arrived in Iowa earlier this week and we wanted to spend sometime with them.
Friday evening we attended a live Nativity walk-through at Grandma and Grandpa's church. 
The temperatures and snow started falling during the day on Saturday.  Sienna and Nadia grabbed a little time in the snow.

Thankfully the road crews had plenty of time to clean the roads and the trips back to Ames was uneventful.  

Sienna and Nadia at the Christmas Tree

I caught this shot of Nadia, I can't wait to play a little with the colors. 
A little romp in the snow....

Sienna does not seem to be bothered by the cold, maybe she is so excited not to be hot! 
Here's a few photos of our weekend.