Missing a few weeks

It seems that I have missed September.   Okay and most of October.

I am teaching 4 classes this semester.  It was really over taken my life.  I am still pretty busy with Roland-Story football.  Along with running the kids to and from activities, cooking dinner, laundry.....  You get the picture.

The boys have been busy playing soccer.  They have really enjoyed the season.   Saturday is the last game, which is good since Hockey has already started.  Ethan's first games are Saturday.
Ethan takes the ball to the goal
Ben maneuvers around the Defense
Hockey has started.  Pictures were Tuesday.  I add my own photo shoot before we left.  I might have to photoshop a little snow into the background  :) 

School has also been keeping the boys busy.   We have had several big projects due this last few weeks.  
Ethan's diorama about the jaguar.  He had a little help with hot glueing the trees, but he did a fantastic job. 
Nadia is loving preschool.  She is often disappointed when I pick her up at noon.  She would love to stay all day like some of her friends.  I went on her field trip this week to De Moss Pumpkin patch.  The weather was perfect for an outdoor trip.  It was a beautiful morning.
Our little pumpkin. 
That's all for tonight.  I hope to be back a little sooner this time.  Only time will tell.