Summer Flooding

Several Summer storms over the last week have brought record amounts of rain to Ames over the last few days.  With record rain, comes flooding.  Most North and South Routes in Ames are closed.  13th street was closed for most of today.   Andrew was able to get to work, but not get home for lunch.    It looks like he will be able to get home this evening. Getting home was a bit more challenging than we thought.   13th street was still closed, so Andrew went North to the Roland exit, then over to Gilbert and finally south.

  Interstate 35 is also closed South of Ames and Sections of Highway 30 are inaccessible. It really is quite a mess.  

Just to add to the chaos, the city has recommended that we boil our water.  The store shelves has been emptied of bottled water.  Ethan and I biked to Wal-Mart for school supplies, which by the way was a big mistake.  Since Target and Super Wal-mart are under water, everyone north of Lincoln way came here for bottled water.

For curiosity, the kids and I biked to the new pool.  Here's what we saw: 

The bike path is completely covered and the new pool is surrounded by water. 

Such a Bummer with only 1 week of summer left. 

The Des Moines Register sent an ariel photographer and here's some of the photos. 
Highway 30 


The pool... there was some controversy about building it in the flood plain. 

This is Duff ave.  in front of Super Wal-mart and Target.  You can see the Red Pizza hut roof. 

Super Wal-mart. 

Thankfully, we are safe and sound with a dry basement.  That's more than many people can say.  I have water boiling on the stove as we speak.    Pray for sunshine, but a little break from the heat would be nice.


  • Betty Anne | August 12, 2010 at 12:07 AM

    Wow the flooding looks terrible. I feel so sorry for all the people effected. Hopefully the sun will shine and help to dry things up. Keep safe.

  • Rachel Vos Carrillo | August 12, 2010 at 3:46 PM

    Ahhh, you are now living like I do. We only recently stopped boiling our water here. It is not so bad but it has a tendency to taste like a little bit of everything you have ever cooked in the pan. I can´t believe Duff Ave. is under water. Which river is that? I am glad to hear your basement is safe and sound and dry. We are also drowning in water here. There were cars floating in our street the other day. Next time I will take a picture.