The summary of March

I am so sorry to everyone who has been checking my blog for life updates.  It's been so long, I don't even know where to begin.  I have just updated my Daily photo Album, so click here for more details.   We started the month with almost 2 feet of snow pack on the ground.  We had grown very tired of shoveling.  Now, we see signs of spring everywhere.  The snow has all melted, the tulips and daffodils are poking out of the ground and the crocus are in full bloom.  Nadia and I have been talking daily walks to soak up the sunshine.

Hockey season has officially ended.  Ethan's last game was on March 20.  He missed the month of January with his broken collar bone, but returned faster than ever.  He finally figured out that he was could skate just as fast as everyone else.  We are all thankful for a little break from Hockey.  Although we are already looking forward to next year.  Both boys move up a division, It's always fun to watch them step it up.

Andrew's birthday was the 4th.  He turned the big 40!  Unfortunately, we has a hockey tournament that weekend, so no big party.  The hockey mothers did bring him a cake and a few silly presents.  Maybe we can celebrate later this spring with a BBQ. 

Spring break was March 15-19.  We spend the week at home.  The kids played outside whenever they did not have a task to complete inside.  The weather was perfect for spring break.  On Wednesday, we went to Oskaloosa.  Keegan and Payson were also there.  The boys played outside most of the day.

Great Grandma has been moved from her house to an assisted living residence.  This time she is completely on board.  We went to see her on Wednesday. She seemed very content.  She has agreed to sell her house, so there is no option of changing her mind this time around.

I hope the last 5 days of the month continue this Springy trend.