Day to Day

Yesterday, I realized that I have not been regularly updating the blog, because I have nothing exciting to share with you. My second realization was that in my first year of blogging, I shared little bits of life everyday, no matter how exciting. So today, you are blessed with the day to day schedule of life this week.

8:00 am Wake up (A little late, but it's summer after all)
9:30 am - 12pm Ben has orchestra camp. Nadia, Ethan and I ran errands or head home to clean, organize or pack a few boxes.
12:30 Lunch
1 pm - 3 pm Quiet time - I think Ben and Ethan are a little bored with summer. They are having a little difficulty entertaining themselves. They are actually driving me a little nutty.
3 pm - 5 pm Continue to clean, organize or pack
5 pm - 6 pm Cook dinner

Evenings are filled with Summer Hockey, and other miscellaneous things.
Next week the boys will be gone every evening for "High Power Soccer" sponsored by a local church.

9 pm or even 9:30 pm Bedtime

I feel that I have run out of things to box up. We still have 2 weeks before we move and we need most things. In fact, we packed up the long pants and sweatshirts, but tonight we need them. Toys have already been taken out of their boxes. I think it's a bit hopeless until that last week.

That's the excitement in my life. Thanks for reading.