Playing in the Leaves

Cold Weather has officially arrived here in Iowa, and I am afraid that it is here to stay. We have had a rain / snow mix for the past 2 days, and temperatures hovering right at freezing. Fortunately the snow did not stick because the ground temperature is still quite warm.

The snow fell the hardest from about 6pm-10pm on Friday evening. Right during my Roland-Story football game. The only bright side to that evening was a big win which sends us to the Indoor dome at UNI for the final 2 games in the state playoffs. They have had a fantastic year with an undefeated record. It has been really fun to watch, and to get paid at the same time is not too bad!

We had a very productive Saturday. The Boys and I raked the leaves;just imagine how wet and heavy they were after 2 days of moisture. They did not care how wet they were, they were going to jump in them. It really did not last long, everyone was cold and ready for some hot chocolate.

Andrew cleaned out the garage to make room for the van. All summer the garage is full of bikes, scooters, hockey nets and lot of other miscellaneous items. During the winter months, all that stuff miraculously finds a home somewhere else, so the Van can park there. I really love not having to scrap the windows every morning. Our old van had remote start.... boy do I miss that on cold winter mornings.

Andrew spent the rest of the day building the boys a wooden stand to hang their Hockey equipment. That will be nice to get that stuff off the basement floor. Ethan's first game is tomorrow, He is really excited! Ben has his first game next week.

Enjoy the photos. Rosalie


  • Joellyn | November 12, 2008 at 1:04 AM

    Great photos, Rose. Yeah, it is that time of year when we have to give up the sweatshirt and go for warmer wear. Brrrr....glad your kids had fun with the leaves despite the change in temp.