What a weekend!

Wow! What a great weekend we had.
We took the family to Sesame Street Live on Friday evening! Nadia Loved it! Actually the whole family loved it, well except Andrew. He had several complaints. I reminded him that HE was not their target audience!!!! I took 2 photos and the camera went dead! My helpful husband said, " Who doesn't bring extra batteries!" Unbelievable! In Andrew's defense, He did sneak down to the front to take a few pictures with his phone. They are really terrible quality, but I might be able to rescue them. Does anyone know of anyone that took their children? Would they be willing to share a few photos?

Saturday was my day to teach the coaching class at DMACC. I really enjoy teaching this class, but it's a really long, long day. My family was very productive, they planted the garden. Keep in mind our garden is only about 8 feet by 4 feet. Enough room for several tomatoes, a row of beans, and we squeezed a few sugar peas in the back corner. We planted a few cucumber plants in the back corner of the yard. They even had time to watch a Hockey game!

Sunday afternoon was gorgeous! We got the b
ikes out of the shed. Our boys have never enjoyed riding their bikes. Our bike outings usually start with complaining and sometimes crying. I think we might have made a little progress today. Ben seemed more confident and Andrew helped Ethan ride without training wheels. Ethan actually admitted that he had fun! A new bike has been promised when he can ride without the training wheels. I hope to be showing pictures of Ethan riding his new bike sometime this summer.