Artists in Residence

Ben and Ethan we asked to participate in an art competition at the Octagon. They had to create their interpretation of spring. ( I forgot my camera, so I can't share any photo tonight).

Ethan created a crayon drawing with a tree, flowers, birds and a very great sun.
Ben created a pencil drawing about his birthday party at the hockey rink (We have decided to rent the arena for his birthday party.) That's what spring means to him!

The opening of the show at the gallery was tonight. Ethan won first place in the Kindergarten division. He was very excited and even more excited to find out that his price was a free art class. I can't believe that I forgot my camera!

Ben won an honorable mention. It was obvious that he was very disappointed. We wonder if his subject matter was not quite spring enough. He was the only kid to use just pencil. We of course are very bias, but he did a great job as well.

We talked about entering a drawing into the state fair.

We really need to be conscious about encouraging more art activities.

I will share some photos later.